Antique Bathroom Vanity

Antique Bathroom VanityAre you someone who has a fetish for vintage accessories? You may be so obsessed with anything that is antique you want to give an antique touch to anything that is present in your home. Right from your bed room to your bath space all accessories speak in volumes about your love for vintage décor. So, it is obvious that even the vanity that you choose for your bathroom must have an antique touch. In fact, anything that is antique gives a touch of classiness and elegance to that space. Antique bathroom vanities are a growing trend and there are many who are opting for such fixtures. ..More

What Is A Waterless Urinal

What Is A Waterless Urinal?Conserving water is an important concern in the modern world. Government and other bodies around the world are emphasizing on small steps that every person should come forward to take in order to conserve water. Lots of water is wasted everyday due to non-optimal use of toilets and kitchens. Today green plumbing is being talked about by various plumbing associations to regulate the use of water and energy in kitchens and bathrooms. Plumbing products are being designed to support green plumbing; one of these is water-less urinal. A water less urinal is a smart bathroom fixture on accoun ..More

How To Thaw Frozen Pipes

How To Thaw Frozen Pipes?Freezing and bursting of pipes is something that most of us are apprehensive of during winter. No water from the faucets sends our spine chilling! The water inside the pipes may have frozen. In another moment the pipes may burst, messing up the house. A plumber would then have to be called and it would take some time and hassle to sort out the mess. In order to avert bursting of pipes during winter you should try to thaw them in the event of freezing- Here are some simple ways of warming up frozen pipes. Open your ..More

Copper Farmhouse Sink

Copper Farmhouse SinkA copper farmhouse sink is synonymous with everlasting charm, traditional design and contemporary sensibilities. When you install a copper farmhouse sink in your kitchen, suddenly, the look of your kitchen gets a different dimension. It becomes visually appealing and far more soothing to your sensibility. Besides, copper farmhouse sinks also have functionalities which can be a lot better than many other sink types. The best thing about copper farmhouse sink is that they have adequate space, a distinctive texture, and they are available in a variety of sizes. In fact, a copper farmhouse sink ..More

Are Pex Pies Safe To Carry Drinking Water

Are Pex Pies Safe To Carry Drinking WaterPEX pipes are growing in popularity on account of three reasons. They are ease of installation, cheaper cost, and no-corrosion. But researchers suspect that PEX pipes may impact the quality of water negatively. According to Andrew Whelton, an assistant professor of civil engineering at Purdue University – very little is known about the level of impact that these plastic pipes, sold in the U.S, can make on the quality of drinking water. Pipes made of copper, do not contaminate the water with elements such as pesticides, oil, gasoline and benzene to p ..More

The Top Options In Bathtubs

The Top Options In BathtubsSome people think that bathtubs have gone out of fashion. They have become obsolete as they occupy too much space in modern bathrooms where space is a constraint. Secondly in busy times no one has time to step into a bathtub and linger there. But bathtubs have not gone out of fashion. They are still popular. They in fact, remain a symbol of taste and luxury. They render an up market look to your bathroom. Today you get bathtubs in various shapes and forms. Let’s take a look- Types of bathtubs- Freestanding Ba ..More

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