What Is A Waterless Urinal

What Is A Waterless Urinal?Conserving water is an important concern in the modern world. Government and other bodies around the world are emphasizing on small steps that every person should come forward to take in order to conserve water. Lots of water is wasted everyday due to non-optimal use of toilets and kitchens. Today green plumbing is being talked about by various plumbing associations to regulate the use of water and energy in kitchens and bathrooms. Plumbing products are being designed to support green plumbing; one of these is water-less urinal. A water less urinal is a smart bathroom fixture on accoun ..More

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer CleaningProblems that crop up in the sewer line cannot be foreseen. This is because the sewer line is hidden from your eyes. Therefore it is important to monitor the symptoms from time to time. Blockage in the sewer line can result in slew of problems such as back up in the toilets, stinking house etc. It can also lead to high repair or replacement costs. Some homeowners are unable to decide as to how often the sewer line should be cleaned. Well, as a preventive measure, the sewer lines should be cleaned yearly. In spite of this periodic cleaning, if you encounter problems in your sewer lines then call a ..More

Are Pex Pies Safe To Carry Drinking Water

Are Pex Pies Safe To Carry Drinking WaterPEX pipes are growing in popularity on account of three reasons. They are ease of installation, cheaper cost, and no-corrosion. But researchers suspect that PEX pipes may impact the quality of water negatively. According to Andrew Whelton, an assistant professor of civil engineering at Purdue University – very little is known about the level of impact that these plastic pipes, sold in the U.S, can make on the quality of drinking water. Pipes made of copper, do not contaminate the water with elements such as pesticides, oil, gasoline and benzene to p ..More

Bathtub Drain Stopper

Bathtub Drain StopperWhat is the main function of a bathtub drain stopper? It is to retain the water inside the bathtub but sometimes bathtub drain stoppers can be difficult to deal with because it can make the cleaning of debris or hairs from the bathtub a complicated task. Hence, it is important that bathtubs are cleaned at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. Another thing that ought to be mentioned here is that there are different types of bathtub drain stoppers and the cleaning of each of this stopper is different from one another. So, it is an added advantage if you have a fair ..More

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating Bathroom VanityVanity is always in style and with changing times it is incorporating new styles both in form and function. In fact, floating bathroom vanities are not just pieces of decor for a bath space but they add value to your problem. Floating bathroom vanities have the ability to solve a lot of logistical problem in a bathroom’s layout. To put it simply, floating bathroom vanities are real fixtures in your bath spaces. They are nothing but vanities that are hung on the wall. It has a lot of open space between the floor and the lower lip of the vanity and the result is that it creates an ill ..More

The Why(S) Of Low Water Pressure

The Why(S) Of Low Water PressureA low water pressure is a sickening problem that often crops up in a household. It makes the household jobs that require water all the more irksome. You would not enjoy taking a shower as the pressure of droplets on your shin will be too light. Similarly, it will take hours to wash the dishes in the sink as the dishwasher may not work. And there would be slew of other issues. But what causes the pressure of water falling from your faucets to go down. Well, let’s find out- Corroded pipes Most old ..More

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