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The tiles of your bathroom play a pivotal role in bathroom design. But before you chose a bathroom tile, you should know the types that you can choose from-
• Glass is a very popular choice in bathroom tiles. They come in different colors and finishes. They have a shiny surface that gives your bathroom a polished look. They are a bit more costly than other types. They are also resistant to staining.

• Ceramic tiles are ideal for bathrooms which gets damp and wet round- the-clock. They are easy to clean and install. They come in array of sizes, patterns, shapes, and colors. They are basically made of clay that has been pressed in to shape and baked at high temperatures. They are then glazed.
• Stone tiles give your bathroom neutral look. They are prefect for bathroom with a rustic and contemporary look. They are quite tough in nature. However they are nor impervious to water. So they need waterproof cover on them to withstand moisture. Marbles are basically natural stone made from limes tones. They have polished look and come in various sizes. They are patterned, veined and add an exclusive look to a bathroom. Granite is also a natural stone that comes in range of colors and textures. It is also harder than other natural stones. It is perfect for high-traffic bathrooms. Lime stone tiles come in various colors such as brown, beige, and also in different tints of yellow. It is suitable for counter tops and flooring.

• Porcelain tiles are hard, dense, and expensive. They are lasting as they are not permeable to moisture.

• Metal tiles are made from metals as well as resin with metallic coating. They are available in different finishes such as bronze, copper, and stainless steel. They are commonly used as bathroom accents.
• Terra-cottar tiles are suitable for dry areas. They are baked at low temperature. They have lower density and are non-vitreous. However baked terracotta tiles can have additional uses in bathrooms.

• Trainer is type of limestone. The multiplayer stone offers tiles in various earthy colors. They look classy on walls and floors.

• Cement-bodied tiles are made from sand and mortar. They are non vitreous tile with excellent longevity. They have both rough and smooth finishes.
• Saltillo tiles are dried but not baked. They have low-density and rough textures. Non vitreous in nature, they add a rustic charm. But they absorb water easily.

• Slate is a grain stone made from shale and clay and heated at high temperatures. They are slip-resistant and therefore ideal for floors.

• Quarry tiles are formed through extrusion and are baked at high temperatures. They are semi-vitreous or vitreous. They are fired unglazed with bisques. They come in many colors, sizes, and shapes.

• Decorative tiles are very popular these days. They are made of a range of materials. They have designs of leaves, birds, or stripes embossed on them.
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