Bathtub Drain Stopper

What is the main function of a bathtub drain stopper? It is to retain the water inside the bathtub but sometimes bathtub drain stoppers can be difficult to deal with because it can make the cleaning of debris or hairs from the bathtub a complicated task. Hence, it is important that bathtubs are cleaned at regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. Another thing that ought to be mentioned here is that there are different types of bathtub drain stoppers and the cleaning of each of this stopper is different from one another. So, it is an added advantage if you have a fair idea about the different kinds of bathtub drain stopper so that you can take up the cleaning process accordingly.
Let us now have a look at some of the different bathtub drain stoppers. They are the following:

Lift and Turn: You will have to close a lift and turn stopper by turning the knob on the top of the stopper until it goes down again and it is opened by lifting and turning the knob in the opposite direction. However, it can get quite tricky to open a lift and turn knob if it has been installed too tightly or if it has not been opened for a long time.
Push and Pull: The push and pull stopper is almost similar to that of the lift and turn stopper. The only difference is that it is pushed down to close and is pulled up in order to open it. In fact, the installation of push and pull stopper is also similar to that of lift and turn stopper.

Trip Lever: This is a bathtub drain stopper that uses a tub overflow pipe to plug the drain pipe and stop water from draining. Usually the tub drain has a strainer that prevents bigger objects to go down the train. However, this type of stopper is installed through the tub overflow method.

The toe touch stopper is another kind that is used in the bathtub drains. It is installed by threading it into the threaded center of the drain cross bar. However, no special tools are required for the installation of such bathtub stoppers. One just has to push it down either to open it or close it.

Flip-It tub is a stopper that can be installed with ease as well. In fact, it is a stopper that requires no tool. Usually a toggle lever on top of the stopper is moved from side to side to open or close the stopper.
The pop-up stopper is another bathtub drain stopper. This particular stopper is opened and closed by using a lever on the overflow face plate.

Lastly, it needs to be mentioned here that different methods has to be used in order to remove the various kinds of bathtub drain stopper. In fact, sometimes when you are not able to handle a bathtub drain stopper it is better to get in touch with a plumber.
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