Floating Bathroom Vanity

Vanity is always in style and with changing times it is incorporating new styles both in form and function. In fact, floating bathroom vanities are not just pieces of decor for a bath space but they add value to your problem. Floating bathroom vanities have the ability to solve a lot of logistical problem in a bathroom’s layout. To put it simply, floating bathroom vanities are real fixtures in your bath spaces. They are nothing but vanities that are hung on the wall. It has a lot of open space between the floor and the lower lip of the vanity and the result is that it creates an illusion of a floating vanity.
Floating vanity utilizes the available space of the bathroom intelligently and consequently the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom is enhanced to a large extent. However, as far as functionality is concerned floating vanities function in the same way as does the traditional vanities. But there is a small difference in terms of the storage space. With floating vanities the storage space is a little less when compared to the floor standing vanities. Nevertheless, the lack of space is compensated by the floating vanities with the additional depth that they have. In recent times floating bathroom vanities have become quite popular in most of the modern bathroom designs.
There are numerous advantages of choosing a floating bathroom vanity and that is the reason people today are opting for floating bathroom vanities in large numbers.

First of all floating bathroom vanity means spaciousness. This becomes possible because with a floating vanity the floor extends from wall to wall without any sort of hindrance in between. It makes the bathroom look bigger. At the same time, a floating bathroom vanity also offers a lot of usable space. For example, you can stack in a waste basket under the vanity.

With a floating bathroom vanity you can be sure that cleaning of those stubborn corners is not a difficult task any more. A floating vanity actually means giving some breathing space to the vanity and you can be sure that you have a bath space that is impeccably clean.
If you are someone who loves to be organized and prefers to find things quickly, for them a floating bathroom vanity offers the best choice. This is because these vanities come with storage Zen with under-sink open shelving.

Floating bathroom vanity can be a great choice when it comes to radiant floor heating. When you have a floating bathroom vanity installed you can expect to feel warm even near the sink where you are standing because there will be no blockage on the floor with a pedestal or something else.
A floating vanity does not only give your bathroom a unique look but at the same time it has immense functionality as well. So you can opt for a floating bathroom vanity when designing or redesigning your bath space.

Thus, if you choose a floating bathroom vanity with the right hue and material you will definitely make your bath space that will be a cause of envy for others.
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