Plastic Septic Tanks

As far as plastic septic tanks are concerned they are an alternative to the traditional concrete and fiberglass septic tanks. They are also known by the name “poly septic tanks”. These plastic septic tanks are constructed from polyethylene resins. Plastic septic tanks are great alternatives to concrete septic tanks because installing a plastic septic tank is far easier and at the same time the cost to construct a plastic septic tank is not as high. Moreover, plastic septic tanks are made in such a way that they will last for long. These plastic septic tanks come in both single and double chamber designs. At the same time, they are available in a wide variety of sizes suitable for larger homes as well as commercial spaces.

When it comes to decide whether to buy a plastic septic tank or a one that is made of concrete, it is important that you are aware of both the advantages as well as the disadvantages of plastic septic tanks.

The advantages of plastic septic tanks are the following:

• First of all plastic septic tanks are very resistant to cracking which is not the case with the concrete septic tanks.

.• With plastic septic tanks you can be sure to stay away from the problem of rust.

• As plastic septic tanks weigh much lesser, the installation of these septic tanks is also not much of a problem.

• At the same time, it has been seen that a plastic septic tank is a lot more cost effective than a concrete septic tank.

• Plastic septic tanks are water proof and are resistant to corrosion.

• Another advantage of plastic septic tanks is that it is quite easier to repair a plastic septic tank when compared to a septic tank made of concrete or fiberglass.

• With plastic septic tanks it is quite easier to install manhole extensions and lid risers.

It is true that plastic septic tanks have numerous advantages but at the same time there are certain downsides of using a plastic septic tank as well. Hence, it is better that we have an idea of those as well so that we can take the right decision.

The disadvantages of using plastic septic tanks are the following:

• It has been seen that plastic septic tanks have lower effluent levels and this is discovered only after opening the tank.

• When a plastic septic tank is not installed properly, chances are high that it floats to the surface of the ground.

• Another problem with plastic septic tank is that as it is lightweight and it can get damaged during the installation process. Hence, it is important that proper care is taken while installing the plastic septic tank.

• It needs to be mentioned here that plastic septic tanks are not allowed in all states. So, before you think of installing a plastic septic tank it is recommended that you find out if plastic septic tanks are allowed in your state or not.

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