Sewer Cleaning

Problems that crop up in the sewer line cannot be foreseen. This is because the sewer line is hidden from your eyes. Therefore it is important to monitor the symptoms from time to time. Blockage in the sewer line can result in slew of problems such as back up in the toilets, stinking house etc. It can also lead to high repair or replacement costs. Some homeowners are unable to decide as to how often the sewer line should be cleaned. Well, as a preventive measure, the sewer lines should be cleaned yearly. In spite of this periodic cleaning, if you encounter problems in your sewer lines then call a plumber. He will undertake a video inspection of your pipes. This would include inserting a video camera down through your pipes. The pictures taken by the camera will tell you what is causing sewer back up. The plumber would then recommend the repair that is necessary to correct the problem.
Some houses have consistent problem of sewer back-ups. This is generally due to tree roots that have penetrated the pipes and are blocking it. The house could also be too old where by the sewer lines are in very bad state.

Here are a few symptoms that should be watched out for to detect a possible problem in the sewer lines.

• If you have too many trees near your sewer line then this could be doing the trick. The roots of the trees often get into the sewer lines, attracted by the water that passes through it. The roots continue to grow, often chocking or breaking the pipe.
• A ‘belly-ed’ piping is another symptom that should be monitored from time to time. This happen when the pipe slopes down; it makes it look like a belly. The belly effect is caused due to loosening of soil around the pipe. The pipe sinks down. The waste in this case gradually accumulates at the belly and blocks it.

• Besides this, a blocked sewer line would lead to raw sewer backing up into your drain, toilet or bathtub. A gurgling sound will be heard from the pipes. There will be a pool of water around the floor drain in the basement. You may see back up of water in the shower drain when the running washing machine. You will face multiple clogging problems in your drains. The drains will get slower. There will be odor of sewer in the bathrooms.

As a preventive measure never throw things in your toilets or bathroom drains that can block sewer line. These many include baby wipes, diapers, tampons, condoms, hairpins, hair, etc. Do not throw cooking grease and oil into it. Grease is the worst enemy of sewer lines. They tend to solidify. Do not plant trees near the sewer line. Only plant slowing growing shrubs with small root balls.
Options in sewer cleaning

• The type of problem generally decides the kind of cleaning that should be undertaken. If the problem is caused by tree roots then a mechanical auger is sufficient. It has a spiral head with sharp teeth that will cut through the roots and remove the blockage. But the roots will regrow soon. So you have to do a chemical treatment to stop the growth for good. Another option is to pull out the invasive root.
• Another option is hydro-jetting of your pipes. This is done in case of a serious obstruction in the pipes. The letter pumps up to 4,000 psi of water through the pipes, removing the obstruction and cleaning the pipes. It effectively removes the debris that builds in your lines, including grease, mineral deposits, hair, food and other blockages. It is more effective than an auger.

If there is no serious issue in the sewer line, then professional cleaning of it would cost less than $150. However, high-pressure water jet cleaning can go up to $200.

Disclaimer: Although rate quoted in the page are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.
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