The Benefits Of A Slump Pump

Slump pumps are installed in the basement of a house to throw out excess water that would otherwise inundate the space. These pumps are installed at lowest point of the floor. In some houses a pit is dug in which the pump is installed. Water gets into the basement through joints between the foundation footing and the wall, windows, cracks etc. This is generally a run-off of the water that has seeped into the ground. In such cases a slump pump is of great help to drain out the water which can cause costly damages to your house.
Keeps you basement bone dry

The pump is installed at the lowest point on the floor or in a pit. So once the pit or the area around the pump starts filing with water it starts pumping it out through a pipe that leads to outside. There is a valve between the pump and the pipe that keeps the water from back flowing into the house. Sump pumps are equipped with a float activator. It is quite similar to one you find in your toilet tank. Slump pumps are easy to install. They run on electricity and do not need any extra wiring.
Keeps molds at bay

A wet and moist basement is a prime real estate for molds and mildew. These not only cause structural damage to your building but also result in health hazards to people living in the house. A slump pump is good way to bid buy to these unsightly organisms.

Keeps you posted

A slum pump alerts you when you basement is in a danger of getting flooded. The special sensor in a non-functioning pump sends you alerts. The more sophisticated ones can call you at your smart phone. You can, in such a situation, call a plumber to come ASAP to do the needful that would prevent a damage to your basement.
Increases your house’s resale value

Having a slump pump installed in the basement also increases your house’s resale value. A potential buyer would like the fact that the basement stays dry no matter how heavy it rains outside. This also indicates a structurally sound house.

Slum pumps are also used by commercial buildings to stabilize the soil surrounding it. This also keeps the building stable. In this case the pumps are installed near a water body.
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