The Top Options In Bathtubs

Some people think that bathtubs have gone out of fashion. They have become obsolete as they occupy too much space in modern bathrooms where space is a constraint. Secondly in busy times no one has time to step into a bathtub and linger there. But bathtubs have not gone out of fashion. They are still popular. They in fact, remain a symbol of taste and luxury. They render an up market look to your bathroom. Today you get bathtubs in various shapes and forms. Let’s take a look-
Types of bathtubs-

Freestanding Bathtubs

The USP of these bathtubs are that they are easy to install. They can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, preferably at a central position. They do not require any faucets to be drilled. You can integrate shower with them. They come in a variety of forms such as claw foot, ball, pedestal and more. Claw foot bathtubs are very old models. They have a slopped back with a flat or straight front. They are made of porcelain, acrylic, cast iron, or steel.
Recessed Bathtubs

These are also called alcove bathtubs. They are wedged between two walls; as a result there are walls on both ends and along one edge. They have one finished side. They have wall mounted faucet. The user can incorporate a shower with them.

Corner Bathtubs

They are installed in one of the corner of a bathroom. They are designed to save space. You may or may not be able to accommodate a shower with them. These bathtubs are available in different designs and options.

Platform/Drop-In Bathtubs

These require a high installation cost and also more expensive to purchase than other bathtub types. They are installed within the floor and look like a swimming pool. They have faucets integrated with them. A shortcoming of these bathtubs is that you have to take long steps to come out of them. But they offer certain advantages as well. They are easy to clean and offer versatile placement possibilities.

Bathtubs can also be classified based on the archaic features they contain. For example Roman tubs or bath pools as they are called are deeper than standard tubs. They also have ornate faucets that spring up from the deck. You can also buy Japanese bathtubs that are even deeper. Greek baths take up a little less room and can accommodate a shower. Whirlpool bathtubs include customization jets and other features for a relaxation and massage. Needless to say, that they are highly expensive and are found in commercial residential areas, spas and buildings. You will get a wide range of patterns in bathtubs such as mosaic, ceramic tile etc.

The material of bathtub

Bathtubs ae made from a wide variety of materials such as acrylic, cast polymer, cultured marble, fiber glass etc. Acrylic bathtubs are made by heating and forming acrylic sheets into a mold. They are reinforced with fiberglass, wood, and metal. They are resistant to abrasion and fading. The best part of these bathtubs is that they are light in weight. If they are insulated, they can hold heat quite well. But they are expensive and may scratch.
Bathtubs are also made from solid-color polymer-based materials. Their finish resembles that of onyx and granite. They have an outer layer of a polyester gel. These offer the flexibility of synthetic materials. They are quite thick and hardy and retain heat well. They are more durable than acrylic.

Cultured marble is a man material that is made of crushed limestone and polyester resin. Bathtubs made of cultured marble are coated with gel. You will get more colors and patterns in these. But they need more maintenance. Although stylish and sleek, they are brittle and scratch easily. They are also quite expensive.
Enamel led cast iron bathtubs are made by mounding cast iron into the shape of a bathtub and are finished with enamel. These are quite hardy and durable and have greater longevity. They retain heat well. They are also sound-proof. They are available in variety of colors. As they are quite heavy you may have to go for a structural reinforcement to install them.

Enamel led Steel bathtubs almost look like cast iron tubs. But they are made of mounded steel. They have an enamel finish. The tub is baked at a high temperature to give it a final shape. Although less expensive than cast iron, they have also some disadvantages. They chip easily. They could be noisy when you run the faucet to fill it up. You will not get a wide choice in colors.

Fiberglass bathtubs are made with fiberglass with wooden and metallic reinforcement. They have a polyester gel coat. They are cheaper and come in various styles and shapes. They are lightweight but are not a great retainer of heat.

Solid Surface tubs are made with acrylic and polyester resins. These are baked into sheets. Resin offers flexibility and polyester gives vibrant colors. They retain heat well.
ADA compliance

When you buy a bathtub always check if it has an ADA compliance libel. This is very important if you have an elderly in tea house. Suh bathtubs would have useful features to enable getting in and out easier for elderly family members or someone with special needs. Always hire a god plumber to install bathtub.

A good plumber will measure your bathroom and determine if you have enough space to install one. All showers may not accommodate showers. So he would also ensure that water heater can generate enough hot water to fill your tub. He will make necessary alterations and up gradations to install bathtub. He will also design a drain to allow it to drain the water properly.
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